Buttered Popcorn is an ingredient that appears in various Papa Louie's restaurant time management games.

In Papa's Hot Doggeria, Buttered Popcorn is one of eight flavors of popcorn that is available at the start of the game. The badge "Classic Butter" is unlocked when you serve this to 30 customers.

In Papa's Cupcakeria, Popcorn is a holiday-exclusive topper during Baseball Season. It's unlocked with Taylor when a player reaches Rank 38.

In Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!, Popcorn is a holiday-exclusive shaker during Big Top Carnival. It's unlocked on Day 2 of the holiday.

In Papa's Cupcakeria HD, Popcorn is a holiday-exclusive topper during Sugarplex Film Fest. It's unlocked with Rita when the player reaches Rank 36.

Customers who order this (Hot Doggeria)




Customers who order this (Cupcakeria)

Papa's Cupcakeria - Popcorn

Customers who order this (Cupcakeria To Go!)


Customers who order this (Cupcakeria HD)


  • Nobody orders a large Buttered Popcorn in Papa's Hot Doggeria.
  • Peggy and Taylor, who are also the Pancakeria tutorial customers and Hot Doggeria workers, respectively, are the only non-Closers to order Popcorn in Papa's Cupcakeria.
  • It's stated in Taylor's flipdeck that he loves this.

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