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This article is about Foodini's minigame Burgerzilla. You may be looking for the Papa Louie 2 enemy Burgerzilla.

Mini Game - Burgerzilla

Burgerzilla is a minigame in Papa's Wingeria , Papa's Hot Doggeria, Papa's Pastaria, and Papa's Bakeria. It replaces Burger Slots. If the player stacks all the ingredients by the time the top bun lands, he/she will win a Papa's Burgeria related prize. The game gets progressively harder, with the target getting higher, ingredients falling faster, and the lives being decreased. The foods fall at farther distances making you move faster and react quicker. 


  • The name Burgerzilla was used before making this minigame. It was a poster which was available to buy in the game Papa's Burgeria, and to win as the first prize in the Pancakeria mini-game Jojo's Burger Slots.
  • It is a parody of the app Sky Burger.
  • The onions have the HD look in this minigame, and the new toppings in Burgeria HD (swiss cheese, pepperjack cheese, fried onion rings) are in this minigame.

Papa's Wingeria Prizes

  1. Burgeria Poster
  2. Sarge Sweatshirt
  3. Small Burger Table
  4. Purple Skirt/Camo Pants
  5. Medium Burger Table
  6. Burgeria Wall
  7. Bomber Jacket
  8. Large Burger Table
  9. Jojo Beret
  10. Large Burger
  11. Utility Belt
  12. Striped Carpet
  13. Aviators
  14. Hanging Plant

Papa's Hot Doggeria Prizes

  1. BurgeriaHotSizzlers Poster
  2. BurgeriaHotSmall Burger Table
  3. Sizzlers Hat
  4. BurgeriaHotSandwich Wall
  5. BurgeriaHotBurger Spatula
  6. Sizzlers Jersey
  7. BurgeriaHotGondoliers Poster
  8. BurgeriaHotMedium Burger Table
  9. Sizzlers Bottoms
  10. BurgeriaHotGrill Floor
  11. Letter Jacket
  12. BurgeriaHotLarge Burger
  13. Gladiator Helmet

Papa's Pastaria Prizes

  1. Thanksgiving icon Three Cheese Poster
  2. Starlightjubilee icon White Western Shirt
  3. Samurais Hat
  4. Stpaddy icon Hanging Plant
  5. Starlightjubilee icon Starlight Bottoms
  6. Sombrero
  7. Sluau icon Teal Zigzag Floor
  8. Sluau icon Luau Poster
  9. Starlightjubilee icon Red Letter Jacket
  10. Orange Backpack
  11. Sluau icon Yellow Lattice
  12. Gondola500 iconRed Carpet
  13. Halloween icon Spindly Spider

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! Prizes

  1. Starlightjubilee icon2 Md. Jubilee Table
  2. Sluau icon Beach Umbrella
  3. New Year 4 Cupcake Poster
  4. Md. Maple Table
  5. Sluau icon Beach Sunset
  6. Vday icon Vase of Roses
  7. Easter icon Pink Lemonade Gum
  8. BigTopCarnival icon Polka Dots

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prizes

  1. Sliver Sports
  2. White Bucket Hat
  3. Halloween icon Dark Wood Floor
  4. Round Window
  5. Easter icon Lavender Sweater
  6. Christmas icon Poinsettia Box
  7. Halloween icon Studded Belt
  8. Halloween icon Halloween Poster
  9. Royal Crown
  10. Christmas icon Sm. Holiday Table
  11. Racoon Cap
  12. Thanksgiving iconOrange Zigzag Wall
  13. Foodini Bowtie

Rare Prizes:

  1. Wedding Arch

Papa's Bakeria Prizes

  1. Starlightjubilee icon Dr. Cherry Poster
  2. Plaid Shirt
  3. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Flag
  4. Fingerless Gloves
  5. Stpaddy icon Hanging Plant
  6. Color Captain Hat
  7. Turtleneck
  8. Grōōvstock icon Music Room Wall
  9. Beanie
  10. Christmas icon2 Wreath Poster 
  11. Halloween icon Dark Wood Floor
  12. Laced Shoes
  13. Royal Crown

Rare Prizes:

  1. Large Onion Crate

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