• Electos

    13 today.

    May 19, 2018 by Electos

    Today's my thirteenth birthday. I got a Nintendo Switch with Rocket League as a present. When my dad's back from his work flight, I'm also getting Civilization VI with all DLC for the new family's desktop we drove over an hour of traffic to buy 6 days ago.

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 5 - Crimson Resolve (Class Trial)

    Next: Chapter 6 - Braving the Waters (Class Trial)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, the six remaining students participated in the fifth class trial, discussing the murder of Cooper's good friend, Akari. After solving many tricks and mysteries, Gremmie was exposed as Akari's killer, only for him to reveal that he was trying to commit suicide, and that Akari's death was accidental. He also revealed that Monokuma forced him to pretend to be the mastermind. But in Flip's Peak, even the innocent rulebreakers must pay the price, and Gremmie was cruelly executed. Monokuma promised the five surviving students one final class trial that doesn't requi…

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    Who’s ready for the summer? I’ve got only 3 more school days left, and then my awesome summer vacation’s gonna start! :D

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  • Parindra Kingsbury The Blossom Fan

    Well I've noticed that Melody isn't on for a while! I looked in the contributions section of her profile, and she was inactive. WHAT HAPPENED??

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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Previous: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Deadly Life)

    Next: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 3 - In The Name Of Their Inner Self (Daily Life)

    Welcome back to a another Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of  Despair. Last time, the remaining survivors found the death body of Wendy and Duke Gotcha was gone missing till' the class trial came. Will this case give them hope or despair? Find out in this class trial...Click here for Truth Bullets

    Monokuma: Now, let's begin with a simple explanation of the class trial! During the class trial, you will present your evidence to find the killer, and vote for whodunnit! The outcome will b…

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  • Imagoat

    Flipline Meme Gallery

    May 13, 2018 by Imagoat

    This is going to have modern memes. You can Submit your own, But they have to be Flipline Related and No Rage Comic memes!

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  • Coolachef

    Welcome to my series... I drew inspiration from Speedo to do this thing. Note: I have absolutely NO detective-story writing experience, so sit down and watch my reputation fall like Kirumi when the vine snapped. Also, I'm lazy.

    Credit to RoseCupid for making the best protagonist.

    I took a glance at my GPS. Flip's Peak... That's where I'm going. I'm prepared to use my talent to make the best of this year. After all, this IS one of the best high schools for the gifted & talented.

    Some time later...

    Amy: Here we are! Flip's Peak Academy. I opened the door to get in... but then I somehow blacked out.

    ???: Wake up! Wherever we are, whoever these people are, WHY we are, YOU NEED TO GET UP RIGHT NOW!

    Amy: (yawn) Who are you? Where are we?

    ???: My point e…

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  • JK55556

    UPDATED 5/19/18

    Hi everyone!

    Currently, the Fandom Customers Tournament 2018 is in the Cotton Puffs Division Round 1. Please vote in the tournament at this link.

    Rounds change every three days. I will update this blog every time a round changes.


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  • Imagoat

    I seemed to be the only one to notice that Professor Fitz's mouth was closed after his cleanup. I felt like the other customers should get the same treatment

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  • Davidbw58

    My newest

    May 11, 2018 by Davidbw58

    Hi, !

    So, My Summer school break is soon to begin, but my part-time job will keep me away from here some. I'll not be quite as active here. But oh well. More important things in life.

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  • Imagoat

    IDK, I was oddly fascinated with who is unlocked the second to last rank

    Pizzeria: Sarge Fan

    Burgeria: Roy

    TacoMia: James

    Freezeria: Ninjoy

    Pancakeria, Wingeria, Burgeria HD, Hotdoggeria, Burgeria To go and Wingeria HD:Foodini


    Freezeria HD:Mary

    Freezeria To go:Cecilia



    Pizzeria To Go:Joy/Roy

    Cheeseria: Cletus

    Cupcakeria HD:Franco

    Cupcakeria To Go:Rico


    TacoMia HD/To Go/Pizzeria HD: Alberto

    Sushiria: Captain Cori

    Pancakeria HD:Rhonda

    Hotdoggeria HD/To Go:Mindy

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  • Matty0502

    Hi everybody!!

    So for those who do not know, I'm Matty0502 and I'm starting a mini-game in my user page, called "The Weekly Customer".

    The rules are really simple! I'm going to post a customer I'm thinking about in 6 questions - 3 answers are yes, 3 answers are no. Try to crack the customer in any way which is possible!

    You have a full week to find the customer I'm thinking of. On Wednesday, I will post the first three users that answered correctly on my user page, along with another customer!

    So start playing!

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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Previous: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Daily Life)

    Next: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Class Trial)

    Once again, welcome back to Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair. Another murder happened in Maple town, and the victim of this case was none other than Wendy, the Ultimate Mechanic...who was found in the boat at the lake. It is either that the culprit found the second motive video or was accident or maybe it is different. The survivors have no choice but to investigate or they will be next.

    Joy: Our dearest friend, Wendy. She's been so helpful for so long but now...…

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  • Coolachef

    Submit your scenes here!

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  • Plaxton

    Since my last blog post became popular, I thought I'd write a new one asking you what holidays besides Holi, and all other holidays that have been always been available, that you would like to take place in Scooperia.

    Holidays like Gondola 500, Romano Wedding and Sky Ninja Returns are terribly unqualified, since they are Gameria-exclusive.

    So anyways, list your suggestions below, but no negative comments!

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  • Electos

    Car Crash.

    May 3, 2018 by Electos

    I have a sad story to tell you. As my dad was driving into the driveway, someone crashed into the car, despite a turn signal. My dad had a mistakes happen attitude. I would of filed a lawsuit if I was him. Fortunately, we're all safe. I'm writing this post minutes after the accident.

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  • Davidbw58

    Hi y'all,

    Plaxton, as you know, created a blog post for opinions for a 15th gameria. lots of suggestions game in. in the poll below, choose which one you think would be the best idea.

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  • Fliplinefan78

    Plaxton started a blog about what the 15th Gameria could be and here we can talk about more possible future Gamerias(About Flash shutting down in 2020 I wonder if somethig will replace it and then they convert to that)

    State your idea for the 16th gameria and so on(the 15th has to be a savory/main course food and the 16th has to be a sweet/dessert, you get the pattern)

    My ideas:

    Papa's Souperia

    You take the customers order then go to the build station where you put water,different soup flavors and other ingredients in a pot then go to the cook station when finished the soup goes into a bowl and finally smoothie station where you pour water(not too much) and fruit blend it and give it to the customer. I say it takes place in Starlight city???


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  • Imagoat

    I Fixed Jojo

    April 30, 2018 by Imagoat
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  • Plaxton

    I have read several comments about suggestions for the 15th Gameria. I hope we can have one before the end of Flash in 2020.

    You guys have made reasonable suggestions, and if you have more, you can post them here.

    P.S: It has to be a Gameria that has to do with a main course/savory food.

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    Since there's Papa's Pancakeria HD, there's might be a tiny possibilty for Papa's Pancakeria To Go! version. So I made up a few suggestions regarding holiday ingredients and possible closers.

    Unlocked with Utah

    • Rank 6 – Pineapple Slices
    • Rank 7 – Passionfruit Drizzle
    • Rank 8 – Toasted Coconut
    • Rank 9 – Luau Punch

    Unlocked with Boomer

    • Rank 11 – Star Cookies
    • Rank 12 – Rocket Whip
    • Rank 13 – Blue Star Sprinkles
    • Rank 14 – Powsicle Punch

    Unlocked with Mindy

    • Rank 16 – Chocolate Bananas or Cotton Candy Creameos
    • Rank 17 – Caramel Apple Drizzle
    • Rank 18 – Chocolate Bacon
    • Rank 19 – Cotton Candy Soda

    Unlocked with Iggy

    • Rank 21 – Planet Cookies
    • Rank 22 – Starfruit Drizzle
    • Rank 23 – Asteroid Sprinkles
    • Rank 24 – Hyper Green

    Unlocked with Willow

    • Rank 26 – Candy Corn
    • Rank 27 – Scre…

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  • Tahmina180


    April 21, 2018 by Tahmina180

    I'm getting less active on this Wiki now. Why? Because I'm busy with other stuff. Got school work, a bit of chores, and I play Osu so much that I get distracted on when to come here. Plus I have a life outside of this site on other social medias.

    R.I.P. My hopes on getting the 60 day badge

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 5 - Crimson Resolve (Deadly Life)

    Next: Chapter 6 - Braving the Waters (Deadly Life)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, Cooper and the others investigated the murder of his partner Akari, the Ultimate Biker. With no motive provided at all, Akari still wound up frozen to death. Now only six students remain to participate in the fifth class trial, and one of them is Akari's killer. This is no easy mystery, but it's up to Cooper to solve it. Click here for the list of Truth Bullets.

    Monokuma: Now, let's begin with a simple explanation of the class trial! During the class trial, you will present your evidence to find the killer, and vote for whodunnit! The outcome will be decided by…

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  • Matty0502

    My PLP Scenes

    April 20, 2018 by Matty0502

    NOTE: If you wanna use the scenes for your blogs, feel free! Just please don't overwrite it!

    - Made it to the blog!

    What do you think? Wanna share your opinions? Please comment down below and tell what you think about it!

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  • Uncle Klunk

    On the Wayback Machine i found a website that had Papa Louie games and it dates back to 2015. It was called Jogos Do Papa Louie. It had pretty much girl games like those Frozen games. Here's one of the images from the site

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  • Matty0502

    All Customer's Outfits

    April 13, 2018 by Matty0502


    Papa Louie Style A
    Style B [Tux] (Pastaria, PLP)
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C [Swimsuit] (PL2/PL3, Freezeria/To Go!, PLP)
    Winter Outfit (Christmas 2013, PL3)
    Style H [ ] (PLP, Bakeria)
    Style H [ ] (PLP, Pizzeria HD)
    Roy Style A
    Style A [Beta Hat] (PL1-Hot Doggeria)
    Style A [Cupcakeria Hat] (Cupcakeria/HD/To Go!)
    Style B
    Winter Outfit 1 (Christmas 2013)
    Winter Outfit 2 (Christmas 2015)
    Custom Clothing (Pizzeria HD)
    Big Pauly Style A
    Style B
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C (PL2)
    Style H [ ] (PLP, Halloween 2013)
    Mindy Style A [Beta Design] (PL1-Taco Mia!)
    Style A [Beta Design] (Freezeria-Burgeria HD)
    Style A (Wingeria-Onwards)
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C (PL2, Bakeria-Onwards)
    Customer Approved! (Pancakeria HD)
    Style H [Holi] (Scooperia)
    Chuck Styl…

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  • Speedo3539

    (first to last, left to right)

    Stella (the pop star), Melissa (the shy gardener), Steel (the rapper), Jay (the friendly guy), Dakota (the supermodel), Geoff (the chill dude), Aura (the hippie), Raven (the nice goth), Leah (the sly prankster), Neil (the skating pro), Sanders (mascot of KFC), Wendy (mascot of Wendy's), Ronald (mascot of McDonald's), Ocean (the athlete), Brady (the other athlete)

    Adrian (the beach dude), Calypso (the island girl), Elexis (the electric superhero), Sky (the cute loner), Sydney (the outgoing hipster), Cheyenne (the artistic indie), Sebastian (the smart soldier). I'll put them in later scenes.

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 5 - Crimson Resolve (Daily Life)

    Next: Chapter 5 - Crimson Resolve (Class Trial)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, the seven surviving students were overcoming their friend Xandra's death, just as items began mysteriously disappearing. An anonymous thief was stealing items that belonged to the other Ultimate students, but when Cooper seemed to finally suspect Ninjoy for being the thief, he was attacked and fell down into the Abyss, where he stayed for two full days. He was rescued by Akari, and the two searched the school for the missing items. However, Akari fell into trouble, and was frozen to death in the chilling teacher's lounge on the fifth floor. Who could have killed A…

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  • Davidbw58

    My newest scene

    April 9, 2018 by Davidbw58
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  • Imagoat

    Sarge Fan




    Bruna Romano

    Edoardo Romano

    Gino Romano






























    Professor Fitz







    Pinch Hitwell













    Hacky Zak






















    Duke Gotcha






    Wylan B




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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI


    April 7, 2018 by EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    My spring break is almost over. I will be going back to school on April 9. In my area, it is currently April 7. 

    I did some nice things over the break. I went to Florida and Georgia with my family. I even went to a waterpark and a hot tub in Georgia. Still pretty upset that my spring break is coming to an end. But don’t worry! I will still be active on this wiki!

    I hope you guys had a happy Easter!

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  • ISS600

    Random headcanons

    April 5, 2018 by ISS600

    These are a bunch of stupid headcanons I have because I’m weird. Some are backed up by evidence.

    Cooper is 23

    Greg is 12

    Akari and Tohru are sisters

    Quinn and Timm are cousins

    Hacky Zak is obsessed with Mangoes

    Zak, Sarge Fan And Greg are all cousins.

    Radley Madish found special Warp Bonders, Warp Coins that bond to a specific person and used to travel the Flipverse. They unbond once returned to the X-Zone .

    Radley sent Xandra and Xolo out of the Kingdom of X when they were 5. One thing he never noticed was that their wands were tossed after them.

    The Kingdom of X gives Xandra and Xolo powers of: Rainbow lightning bolts and wackiness. Warping anywhere and they also can bend reality and destroy all logic. They also can summon up X related ite…

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    I just saw this comment on the Cooper page:

    You know what that means?

    I can’t ship siblings with each other anymore! (I’m bad at spacing in Each Other, sorry.) (Example: Utah with Nevada)

    So I will ship Utah with Doan from now on.

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  • Bdj610

    As we all know, a number of the customers within the Papa Louie restaurant time-management games represent elements from other Flipline Studios Games (like Yippy was inspired by the Cookie Scouts from Steak and Jake, Skyler's steampunk outfit inspired by Remnants of Skystone), baddies from the platformers (like Sarge Fan to Sarge, Olivia to the Party Subs), holidays (Prudence with Bavariafest, Scarlett with Valentine's Day), or ingredients (Julep with mint, Austin with Awesome Sauce) get the idea.

    So I'd like to maintain a list of what the customers represent within the world of Flipline Studios. Not their respective occupations, but what the character represents (so no, don't list Franco as an architect or Moe as the comics book shop…

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  • 21EvanED155508

    My Joke

    April 2, 2018 by 21EvanED155508

    Hi Everyone I just heard that Papa's Scooperia has been cancelled! I'm so sorry to hear about that. Because they brought back Remnants of Skystone, it will not release

    APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!

    Papa's Scooperia is not cancelled and Flipline did not bring back Remnants of Skytone. Lol

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    Guys, I know hate Flipline Studios! I am quitting this wiki forever since I now hate Flipline Studios!

    I will never hate Flipline Studios or leave the wiki! I will not join the Anti-FS campaign and I’m still a fan of that company!

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  • JK55556

    Hi everyone!

    As you may remember, last year, the Fandom Customers Tournament 2017 was hosted on the Flipline Studios Wiki. 32 customers from Flipline Fandom, Flipline Fan Customers Wiki, and Papa Louie Fanon Wiki were chosen to participate. 

    But, as the tournament went on, problems arose. Spamming of the polls occured. The number of votes dramatically increased in just a few minutes. LuisAngel01 and I suspected that someone was creating multiple accounts to vote in the polls. We were right. Bdj610 then contacted FANDOM, hoping to solve this issue. Kirkburn, a member of FANDOM staff said this:

    Unfortunately, it looks like they've used a bunch of different IPs and email addresses, which makes them a bit harder to track.

    Since it would be almost …

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  • CupcakePro

    • Yippy (Tutorial)
    • Alberto (After Tutorial)
    • Cherissa (Random)
    • Marty (Random)
    • Moe (Random)
    • Sue (Random)
    • Wendy (Time)
    • Mayor Mallow (Time)
    • Kingsley (Time)
    • New Customer 4 (Time)
    • Steven (Time)
    • New Customer 5 (Time)
    • Hope (Time)
    • Indigo (Time)
    • Kahuna (Time)
    • Clover (Time)
    • Nick (Time)
    • Perri (Time)
    • Cooper (Time)
    • Captain Cori (Time)
    • Gremmie (Time)
    • Radlynn (Time)
    • Taylor (Time)
    • Georgito (Time)
    • Ripley (Time)
    • Matt (Time)
    • Gino Romano (Time)
    • Yui (Time)
    • James (Time)
    • Tony (Time)
    • Mitch (Time)
    • Johnny (Time)
    • Tohru (Time)
    • Duke Gotcha (Time)
    • Bruna Romano (Time)
    • Doan (Time)
    • Peggy (Time)
    • Elle (Time)
    • Franco (Time)
    • Lisa (Time)
    • Hugo (Time)
    • Amy (Time)
    • Olivia (Time)
    • Austin (Time)
    • Trishna (Time)
    • Maggie (Day 2)
    • Little Edoardo (Rank 2)
    • Janana (Rank 3)
    • New Customer 1 (Rank 4)
    • Roy (Rank 5)
    • Cletus (Rank 6)
    • Mandi (Rank 7)
    • Penny (R…

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  • Speedo3539

    Happy Easter, everyone! I may as well tell you guys… I’ve been keeping a secret for a while now, but now seems like a good time to tell everyone. You know, as an Easter gift. There will be one last Danganflipa series after Danganflipa MM, and it's called Danganflipa SOS!

    The main character this time is Cori, the Former Ultimate Captain. Monokuma has yet another killing game to bring to the Flipverse, called the Killing School Reunion!

    In a world set thirty years into the future, Flip’s Peak Academy is teaming with the Sirius Cruise Line to hold a lottery that selects fifteen former Ultimate students to spend a full week on board! Cori, the Former Ultimate Captain, was offered to drive the Sirius, so she decided who was going to win the lotte…

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  • Electos

    Sorry, but no volume

    April 1, 2018 by Electos

    The volume I was planning to make was an April Fool's joke. I was angered by Pokémon Go's 8-bit joke, Minecraft April fool's texture, etc... so I decided to cancel my joke volume, plus I don't want to ruin my vacation, and there could be art in the next volume. This post is a place to escape from April Fool's joke. May you please leave the comments section free from April Fool's jokes.

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  • Davidbw58
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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI


    March 31, 2018 by EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    I am out of school for Easter break. I’m also going to the waterpark next Friday. You know what that means! It means I can be more active here!

    I will be going back to school on April 9.

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  • Matty0502

    Customer Packs

    March 29, 2018 by Matty0502

    I noticed every customer pack has something with belongs to the 8 customers. Well, here's a table for each customer pack so you will can to check what belongs to each customer:

    Customer Props Clothing Backdrops
    Papa Louie Pizza Box
    3 Pizza Boxes
    Pizza Paddle Chef Shirt
    Chef Hat
    Red Buckle Papa's 10th Anniversary
    Pizzeria (inside)
    Sue Walkie Talkie Fluffmart Shirt
    Fluffmart Hat Fluffmart (entrance), Fluffmart (inside)
    Allan Hockey Stick N/A N/A
    Robby N/A Ripped Shirt
    Striped Ripped Shirt N/A
    Big Pauly Pepper Crushida Belt Pauly's Pepper (inside), Pauly's Pepper (outside, by day), Pauly's Pepper (outside, by night),
    Mary Paintbrush
    Can of Paint
    Roller Artist Hat
    Wallet Belt (St. Paddy's Day outfit) N/A
    Wally Fishing Rod
    Fishing Rod with a Fish Anchovie Shirt
    Fishers Ve…

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  • Rookie K

    PLP Screens

    March 29, 2018 by Rookie K

    Here's my gallery of plp (whoaa xD)

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  • Kalandaris

    Sailor Pancake

    March 28, 2018 by Kalandaris

    This series is based on the very popular anime Sailor Moon! It is based around Prudence from the Papa Louie games. This is Episode One: Sailor now!

    On a chilly September morning in the neighbor hood of Tastyville, Prudence lay in her bead, late for school.

    Prudence's mom: Honey! You're going to be late for school!

    Prudence would get up from her bed and get dressed in a dash

    Prudence: I'm going to be late! I'm going to be late!

    She would fall down the stairs and her mother would giggle. She would quickly grab her lunch and run out of the door.

    Prudence: Mhh..she'd nom on her rice, slowing down her pace.

    She would look at her watch noticing the time

    Prudence: Oh gosh! I almost forgot I'm going to be late for school!

    She would begin to run again

    15 Min…

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  • DeboraTheCherissaFan8000
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  • Electos

    Pokéflip is back.

    March 26, 2018 by Electos

    With Papa Louie Pals now out, you can expect a Pokéflip volume to be punished this week with art. Trust me, Pokéflip is getting sour. So, there's only one thing to do. Stay tuned.

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  • Tergonite

    Minecraft is my favorite game

    so let's see is PL4 will be Whem Minecraft Attacks

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  • Bdj610

    Papa Louie Pals

    March 26, 2018 by Bdj610

    To the Esteemed Members of the Wikia:

    I don't know when it's coming out in your world, but Papa Louie Pals is now out here. Not only have I downloaded the app for both my tablet and my phone, but I have also bought both the customer packs that you had to pay for (Papa's Freezeria and Papa's know...for research and for the Wikia).

    To that end, I know most of you are planning on getting the app (it's free) and creating customers, scenes, stories, adding customers to scenes, etc. I have no problems with you all adding some of your pics to the Papa Louie Pals page.

    However, I do have to ask that you don't clog the page with all of your scenes for the page. Let's keep the gallery in teh Papa Louie Pals page for app content, menus,…

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  • BenjaminFreeLife

    I don't think I'll make it alive. There's just too much accusations going around me. All I'll say is that I will get Cooper dead.

    Tony: Guys.....please belive me.

    Mandi: I trust you Cooper, but nobody else does.

    Chuck: I mean, what kind of murderer would keep the dead body in their house? I have to say, but I believe Cooper.

    Scooter: What?!? He obviously killed her!

    Tony: I can counter to that.

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