• Leeroy723416

    Random Polls

    August 16, 2017 by Leeroy723416

    Here are some polls. Some are important, some are not. Some are just unrelated to the Wiki.


    All of these are unofficial and will not affect anything on the wiki.

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  • TinaCom

    It's because of how angry I was over the results of PNC2017. Seeing Koilee laugh at Perri and win for no reason just broke me. But then, I saw how it went. I was like, "Hey, Koilee laughed at Perri and won. She might still be her rival in the TBA Gameria."

    So that's how I got my idea. I added Koilee as the main character and Perri as the victim. The conflict is between Koilee and Perri. Perri wants to come to Koilee's restaurant, but Koilee won't let her come because she thinks she's worthless. I made the story so it could really fit with the results. Koilee is the rival of Perri, and Perri is very upset over it.

    Wanna read it? Go to the Flipline Fancition wiki and type in, "Koilee Catastrophe" and the parts will show up. Ok? I could go on, …

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  • PuppyTwister007

    Welcome to the top papa character, I did this awhile back when I didn't know much about wikis. Now that plenty of more characters have been added to the game, I have decided to re-do this. I'm sure none of you know what this is since I haven't done this since 2016. So basically I do a poll below of 2 characters, then you can vote for the person you like better. I will do this in a tournament bracket style, the winner of the first round will move onto the next round and so on. once I am down to the final 2, those 2 will battle and the person with the most votes will be crowned the best Papa Game Character. So anyways, vote for who you like better.

    Thank you for your vote, I will do this every Monday and Thursday, so yeah see you next Thursda…

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 1 - Gravity and Luau (Deadly Life)

    Next: Chapter 2 - A Final Heartache (Daily Life)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, Cooper and the others investigated the murder of the Ultimate Skateboarder, Scooter. One of Cooper's classmates murdered her, and it's up to him to figure out who. Now, Cooper must survive the class trial, finger out the killer, and bring them to justice! Click here for the list of Truth Bullets.

    Monokuma: Now, let's begin with a simple explanation of the class trial! During the class trial, you will present your evidence to find the killer, and vote for whodunnit! The outcome will be decided by your votes! If you vote correctly, then only the blackened will rec…

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  • Maddox121

    Foodini's Comics Issue 1

    August 13, 2017 by Maddox121

    5 comments for Issue #2

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  • Maddox121

    Romano's Comics Issue 1

    August 13, 2017 by Maddox121

    5 comments for the next comic.

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  • Maddox121

    Papa's Comics Issue 1

    August 13, 2017 by Maddox121

    Once this blog gets 5 comments, Issue 2 will be made.

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  • Maddox121


    August 13, 2017 by Maddox121
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  • JUni3rv7

    Best Special

    August 12, 2017 by JUni3rv7

    Guys, I am trying to level up fast, and I want suggestions of what specials in Papa's Sushiria gives good points to level up fast. I am at level 26, and have Kiwi Kosho as best one... What is the best one and in what rank can I possibly get?

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  • WMstudio

    Flipline Studios Blog

    August 12, 2017 by WMstudio

    I do not support my own Blogs, but if you want to read any Flipline Studios Blogs, click here:

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    As said by the French Narrator from Spongebob: "11 Years Later..." It's finally Papa's Pizzeria's 10th Birthday, and I'm both excited and surprised; excited that Papa's Pizzeria HD is finally here and surprised that neither X twins are closers (Of course Xolo would been a better closer in the game...). My parents (yes, for someone who's 21 and have autism, I still living with my parents until I am ready for independence) will possibly buy the app so I can play it soon, but I'll be attached to playing Pokemon or Splatoon 2. I would definitely play Pizzeria HD and will enter KCP2017 when Flipline releases it; Hopefully, Jasmine will be entered and 2 more entries. I also am finishing writing my 10th Anniversary Burgeria story (on Chapter 8) a…

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  • NicholasBBQ32

    Happy 10th anniversary, Papa's Pizzeria! :)

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  • JK55556

    Hey everyone!

    JK announcing that the Fandom Customers Tournament has been postponed! Multiple accounts have been created (sockpuppets) to vote in the tournament, therefore making the vote count unfair. If you have any questions about the tournament or anything to do with it, just message me or LuisAngel01.

    Thanks, and sorry for the delay!


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  • TinaCom

    Oh yeah! WHOOP!

    August 7, 2017 by TinaCom

    Papa's Pizzeria HD is finally out! YEAH BABY! :D

    Man, ever since the original Pizzeria came out in 2007, it was just a normal kid's game. And guess what? I was only 3 years old! XD And I played it for some time and it was ok. The To Go games look kind of weird in my opinion. The HD ones look better! With that being said, here are the Pros and Cons about getting the game for me:

    - Perri is gonna be in it. Well, at least that's what I think. She wasn't in the original, she wasn't in To Go, but for ONCE she's gonna be having pizza! I've been waiting so long for this! Oh, and I'm also excited for Austin and Rudy to be in it. They're two of my favorite male customers.

    -I will be able to take screenshots of the game and joke about them with my mom.…

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 1 - Gravity, and Luau (Daily Life)

    Next: Chapter 1 - Gravity, and Luau (Class Trial)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, Utah and the others set up and held a luau, which eventually led to the murder of Cooper's new friend/love interest, Scooter, the Ultimate Skateboarder! One of Cooper's classmates murdered her, and it's up to him to figure out who. Now, everyone has to investigate the crime scene, and find evidence for who murdered Scooter.

    Cooper: I can't believe it... the identity of the corpse at the bottom of the Abyss, surrounded in a pool of blood... is Scooter. She was one of the closest people to me since we got trapped at Flip's Peak, and we instantly became friends onc…

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  • Cheung32

    Clad Cakeriox

    August 6, 2017 by Cheung32

    An crazy villain, can it be the main antagonist? For Papa Louie 4: When Cupcakes Attack!

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  • Leeroy723416

    I've been away for too long.

    There's too much new people and little familiar ones.

    I don't even know where to start now.

    I guess I'm just going to roam the wiki.

    [[User:Leeroy723416|Lee Roy (talk) 11:29, August 5, 2017 (UTC)]]

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  • Ellie Sparkly

    All About Me

    August 5, 2017 by Ellie Sparkly

    Hello, I'm Ellie Sparkly, and I am one of the users on this wiki! This is my very first blog post!

    My favorite female TV show character is definitely Fluttershy from My Little Pony, and my favorite male TV show character is definitely Noddy from Noddy's Toyland Adventures/Make Way for Noddy/Noddy in Toyland/Noddy, Toyland detective!

    My favorite color is purple! But I also really love orange!

    Actually, I don't have any siblings right now, but the last sibling I had was a brother named Daniel!

    My favorite user is TinaCom!

    That's all I can think of...

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    (Will post story soon; STAY FRESH!!!!)

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  • TinaCom

    Remember how I was being freaked out over Perri's loss? You know me. As a Perri fan. I still can't get over the fact that she lost. She literally changed my life right now. July has been a great month for me due to the fact I developed my Perri obsession. She was THIS close, guys! She could have beat the inties out of Koilee! She could have made my day. I mean, MY WHOLE LIFE. To this day, I'm still super upset over Perri. Even looking at pictures of her doesn't help. All I do is cry, punch my punching bag, sleep, and write, "Carlo and Koilee win" and crumple the papers up. I also drew a picture of Carlo and Koilee and I punch it, kick it, sit on it, bite it, jump on it, you name it. If she competes next year, you'll be seeing me. But if sh…

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  • TinaCom

    Another drawing attempt

    July 31, 2017 by TinaCom

    When I came back from swimming, I decided to draw this. It's my attempt to draw Perri crying.

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  • TinaCom

    Drawing Attempt!

    July 24, 2017 by TinaCom

    So, I wanted to draw this. It's a drawing of my attempt to draw Perri in her original form versus my attempt to draw her as an anime character. Which one do you think looks better?

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    Yes what I am about to tell you what I'm writing... a story for 10th Anniversary Burgeria; this story is kinda like Flipline's Version of Squid Sisters Stories, but just 1 story.

    What happens is Papa's puts up a Burger eating challenge called the Burgerzilla Challenge (different from mini-game, but customer has to eat a high burger); Marty & Rita prepare it in Burgerburgh, but people didn't succeed because of full stomachs, time limit, or they didn't want to do it.

    In Chapter 3, Rudy makes a promise to Scarlett to be at the park for a surprise after he finishes work, but ends up misunderstanding making Scarlett lonely and bothered

    Chapter 4 feature Sasha and Vincent stopping by the Toastwood Trading Post for deliveries and mail check before l…

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  • Toadandysugar

    OK, this blog might be totally random but, what would be a name for a customer and describe them?

    My idea:

    -Belle, Elle's sister

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  • TinaCom


    July 23, 2017 by TinaCom

    Hi people, it's me, and I would like to give out an apology to those of you that I hurt because of my obsession with Perri.

    Look, I'm highly sorry for raging in caps, insulting you, calling you names, and annoying you with my obsession of Perri. It was just that I fell in love with Perri on this Fourth of July, and since then I started drawing pictures of her, obsessing over her, you name it.

    I even read her wiki info about Papa's Next Chefs and I was like, "Mm, no big deal." But soon, after I found out it was a competition to see which male and female was going to work in the next Gameria, I got so upset, that I started raging over Perri in the comments. I was in the shower thinking about Perri and I was just sobbing hard in it, wishing it …

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    This is also as seen in Splatoon 2 Splatfest, but Flipline-wise.

    (Epic Pokemon B/W Music Flourish plays, news starts)

    Callie: Hold on to your tentacles, It's Inkopolis News Time!!!

    Marie: Another Splatfest is coming!!!

    Callie: If you've played Splatoon 2, there's a splatfest on condiments!!

    Marie: So why not do a Flipline Splatfest, too?

    Daniel (in back): Yes, we know!!!

    Callie: (Thinks) Geez, D... Anyway here comes the teams!!!

    Marie: ...Here it comes...

    Callie: It's Mayo vs. Ketchup!!

    Marie: Condiment Collision!!!

    Callie: No matter who wins, we know ketchup is a fan favorite!!

    Marie: Who knows? Mayo could top it, especially on Sandwiches.

    Callie: We'll see, but Daniel has news flashes with some people on this!

    Marie: Daniel, any thoughts or guests?


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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    Hey guys, I am recently busy, but will post a Flipline Splatfest soon, right now I'll tell you what I am writing...

    Splatoon 2 is almost here and I saw the final boss video and SPOILER ALERT: DJ Octavio brainwashed Callie!!!

    I have been also writing up something for the 10th Anniversary for Papa's Burgeria I may be featured in Chapter 8 of it though; and when I see Chapter 7 being written down, it'll show Rudy making a deal with Radley Madish (Rudy could ressemble to Eclipsa in a way (Eclipsa has spades, Rudy has Spades), I hope soon Cyborg-Rudy awakens (will be shown in bonus chapter).

    Still, in the story it'll feature Sasha, Kenji, and the Burgerzilla Challenge as well as a new Burgeria in Toastwood with new features; like I said, I am appe…

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  • Toadandysugar

    Starting a story!

    July 19, 2017 by Toadandysugar

    I've decided to create a story based on the Flipline characters! The problem is, I don't know what to write it on. Any ideas?

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  • LuisAngel01

    Hi everyone!

    As many already know a few days ago we stopped this tournament for the creation of spam and sockpuppetry accounts, and we were talking with Bdj about this matter. I (LuisAngel01) and JK were discussing what will happen with the tournament, so we decided to pass the tournament from Flipline Studios Wiki and pass it to Flipline Fandom, to avoid having another event like the one we had recently. So the tournament will continue to compete since Flipline Fandom.

    Actually the votes are open, and the one who likes to continue voting can do it in the following link: [1]

    This blog will remain open to show you the progress of the tournament and updates.

    That's all, I hope to continue with the tournament, and all have fun!


    16:34, Au…
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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    (Going Off the Hook Side Story is coming soon, still typing it up)

    On Sunday Night, Daniel prepares for the TTR Toon Species Election Splatfest for everyone; Callie, Marie and Daniel starts the news flash.

    (Pokemon B/W Flourish plays, news begins)

    Callie: Hold on to your tentacles, it's Flipline Splat News Time!!

    Marie: And another Splatfest is coming your way!

    Callie: Toontown Rewritten is enter the final voting of the Toon Species Election!

    Marie: Who are the finalists?

    Callie: It's down to Deer vs. Crocodile!!!

    Marie: Such a frenzious battle between toon animals!!!

    Callie:We now go to Daniel on this voting finale.

    Marie: Any thoughts, D-Dude?

    Daniel: Yes Squid Sisters I've do, turns out we got great thoughts on each. Crocodile is bound to be one o…

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  • JK55556

    Hi everyone!

    JK here to announce a new idea that LuisAngel01 came up with!

    Luis came up with a tournament to enter customers from 3 different wikis into a blog tournament here on the Flipline Studios Wiki. The three wikis that are participating are: Flipline Fandom, Flipline Fan Customers Wiki, and Papa Louie Fanon Wiki. Each wiki has submitted fanmade customers (FF - 11, FFCW - 11, PLFW - 10 = 32) to LuisAngel01, who is creating the tournament bracket.

    The tournament is planned to start tomorrow, so tommorrow, look out for a new blog on LuisAngel01's blog, with fanmade customers from 3 different wikis in it! A new round will take place once every three days (most likely). The tournament itself will last about 6 weeks (most likely).

    Which wiki…

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  • A Flipline Fan

    Moved On:

    • 1. Roy
    • 2. Carlo Romano
    • 5. Utah
    • 8. Willow
    • 9. Scarlett
    • 12. Perri
    • 14. Koilee
    • 16. Clover


    • 3. Akari (Wild Card)
    • 4. Nick
    • 6. Yippy
    • 7. Scooter
    • 10. Hope
    • 11. Rudy
    • 13. Janana
    • 15. Prudence
    • 17. Tony
    • 18. Rico
    • 19. Ninjoy
    • 20. Yui

    Moved On:

    • 1. Ripley
    • 8. Austin
    • 10. Wylan B
    • 11. Cooper
    • 12. Sasha
    • 16. Shannon
    • 17. Sienna
    • 18. Hacky Zak


    • 2. Wendy
    • 3. Skyler
    • 4. Pinch Hitwell
    • 5. Nevada
    • 6. Deano
    • 7. Julep
    • 9. Steven
    • 13. Alberto
    • 14. Georgito
    • 15. Kahuna
    • 19. Brody
    • 20. Cherissa (Wild Card)

    Moved On:

    • 1. Joy
    • 2. Elle
    • 3. Penny
    • 6. Ivy
    • 12. Timm
    • 17. Rita
    • 18. Tohru
    • 20. Marty


    • 4. Vicky
    • 5. Zoe
    • 7. Kenji
    • 8. Olivia (Wild Card)
    • 9. Ember
    • 10. Duke Gotcha
    • 11. Vincent
    • 13. Mandi
    • 14. Matt
    • 15. Bertha
    • 16. Iggy
    • 19. Doan

    Moved On:

    • 3. Kayla
    • 6. Lisa
    • 8. Peggy
    • 10. Mindy
    • 11. Bruna Romano
    • 14. Allan
    • 17. Maggie
    • 19. Taylor


    • 1. Cameo (Wild…

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Prologue - Icing on the Cake

    Next: Chapter 1 - Gravity, and Luau (Deadly Life)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, Cooper and the other 15 students were just informed that they were in a killing game! Monokuma handed out e-Handbooks, and now Cooper must face the day, knowing that possible murderers would be in his presence. So, how are they gonna pass the time? Let's see.

    Monokuma: Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!

    Cooper: I lifted my head out of my pillow, expecting this all to be a dream. I touched my nose to see if it would wake me up, but it didn't. My room hadn't changed sinc…

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  • Michaelandre03

    Papa's Best Customer Amaranth Division Round 1

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  • A Flipline Fan

    Moved On:

    • 1. Utah
    • 2. Roy
    • 3. Akari
    • 5. Janana
    • 6. Clover
    • 7. Carlo Romano
    • 8. Prudence
    • 9. Tony
    • 12. Timm
    • 13. Cooper
    • 15. Koilee
    • 16. Penny
    • 18. Rudy
    • 19. Scarlett
    • 20. Rita
    • 22. Joy


    • 4. Quinn
    • 10. Xandra
    • 11. Sarge Fan
    • 14. Radlynn
    • 17. Xolo
    • 21. Jojo

    Moved On:

    • 2. Mandi
    • 3. Marty
    • 4. Scooter
    • 7. Cameo
    • 8. Yippy
    • 9. Nevada
    • 10. Ninjoy
    • 11. Willow
    • 12. Sasha
    • 14. Wylan B
    • 15. Big Pauly
    • 16. Tohru
    • 17. Chuck
    • 18. Mindy
    • 20. Mitch
    • 21. Perri


    • 1. Gremmie
    • 5. Hugo
    • 6. Boomer
    • 13. Whiff
    • 19. Trishna
    • 22. Captain Cori

    Moved On:

    • 2. Allan
    • 3. Yui
    • 4. Elle
    • 5. Alberto
    • 7. Kingsley
    • 8. Greg
    • 9. Matt
    • 10. Bruna Romano
    • 11. Olga
    • 12. Peggy
    • 13. Cecilia
    • 14. Taylor
    • 15. Maggie
    • 17. Wally
    • 19. Kayla
    • 22. Doan


    • 1. James
    • 6. Robby
    • 16. Hank
    • 18. Emmlette
    • 20. Gino Romano
    • 21. Foodini

    Moved On:

    • 2. Kahuna
    • 3. Wendy
    • 5. Hope
    • 6. Julep
    • 8. Lisa
    • 9. Austin
    • 10. Skyler
    • 11. Ripley
    • 12. Clair
    • 13. Pinch Hitwell
    • 14. Georgito
    • 1…

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  • TinaCom

    Hey hey hey!

    July 13, 2017 by TinaCom

    Hmmm, I do not know how I made it here. I was hanging around the Wiki and all of a sudden I made it to the Flipline Studios Wiki. As you may know, I am a Perri fan as you can see. I will be poking around for some interesting things I can find about costumers, but not just Perri. So yeah, I'll see you around~

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    Hello everyone, Daniel the DeltaKing is here!!!

    I came back yesterday from Florida and Myrtle Beach for 4th of July vacation and still looking out for Papa's Pizzeria HD.

    Currently I uploaded a video from my N64 Emulator on Pokemon Stadium 2, caught a Shiny Octillary in Pokemon X Friend Safari (still hunting Gyarados or Frogadier though) and nicknamed him after Octarian Ruler, DJ Octavio. Octillary is Timid Nature (+Speed, -Atk) and has the Hidden Ability Moody and made him learn good moves.

    Yes, I saw the sneak peek today and I have posted a Squid Sisters News Flash on it. Here it is!!!

    Yes, it is a closer and who knows who or what the closer would be, but we'll just see soon!!!

    Another Flipline Splatfest will be set right after the Going Off …

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  • Sugarplex Fan

    Like there are some drawings and every season is in every game, as it did in every city.

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  • Laundry Machine

    Sticker feature appears in Papa's Bakeria and onward games (not include Papa's Taco Mia To Go!), each customer owns 3 stickers in each game.

    Currently the following list shows customers who don't have the full sticker table yet, you can help to add it by searching the list below.

    None currently, but in future we will be again :)
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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    Few weeks following the Papa's Next Chefs 2017 Grand Finals, Daniel, Callie, and Marie were staying in Florida for vacationing, gaming, and thinking of new ideas for Flipline Splatfests.

    Daniel: I don't seem to get it... So many food related topics, but which one?

    Callie: I don't get you, but all this food chat is making me hungry.

    Marie: Should we decide on where to go for lunch?

    Daniel: Sure, why not. We'll see what ol' Yelp can locate.

    (Daniel opens Yelp and scrolls through restaurants closest from his hotel)

    Daniel: Should we order pizza?

    Marie: Save it for Friday.

    Daniel: Wings?

    Callie: You order that all the time.

    Daniel: Hmm? What's this?

    (Daniel scrolls through and sees a new sandwich place, Sunken Ship Sandwiches)

    Callie: Hey let's check that…

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    Hold On to those tentacles, I've got something to say!!

    Since our PNC2017 Splatfest, I was on hold for the Splatfests; now, I need your opinions on Flipline Splatfests!!!

    Rules on Splatfests:

    1. Give me a good question (like better chef, favorite food in gamerias, etc.)

    2. 2 Choices on this question

    3. We'll know if your question is posted as a Flipline Splatfest

    4. Vote when the Splatfest is posted!!

    Until then.... STAY FRESH!!!!

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  • JK55556

    More POLLS!

    July 1, 2017 by JK55556

    Hi everyone,

    Please vote in the polls below!




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  • Aquarusya

    Coming Soon!

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  • Sugarplex Fan

    Perfect Orders

    June 25, 2017 by Sugarplex Fan

    Post perfect orders

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  • Aussie McQueen

    Maple Mountain Division rounds 1 & 2 open! Please vote in the comments!

    Maple Mountain Division

    Round 1: Kenji VS Hugo and Julep VS Sienna

    Round 2: Wally VS Hank and Kayla VS Trishna

    R1 Male Winner VS R2 Male Winner and R1 Female Winner VS R2 Female Winner

    Starlight City Division

    Round 1: Iggy VS Pinch Hitwell and Sasha VS Nevada

    Round 2: Cameo VS Robby and Sue VS Ember

    R1 Male Winner VS R2 Male Winner and R1 Female Winner VS R2 Female Winner

    Frostfield Division

    Round 1: Deano VS Whiff and Janana VS Ripley

    Round 2: Gremmie VS Allan and Cherissa VS Clair

    R1 Male Winner VS R2 Male Winner and R1 Female Winner VS R2 Female Winner

    Portallini Division

    Round 1: Duke Gotcha VS Brody and Tohru VS Mindy

    Round 2: Chester VS Connor and Lisa VS Akari

    R1 Male Winner VS…

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    (News Begins)

    Callie: Hold on to your tentacles...

    Marie: It's time for another Flipline Splatfest!!!

    Daniel: Thank you Squid Sisters!!!! We're nearing the end of another great Next Chefs Tournament and boy I am surprised, our only Romano competitor, Carlo, along with popular female debutant Koilee have made finals; this is Carlo's 1st Finals appearence ever in a PNC and he and Koilee, Honeydew Division Champs are up against Hakuto Division Champions Wylan B and Perri; Perri has came far since her only loss in a PNC from Clover, PNC2016 Female winner, but we'll see what this tight tourney will end up to be; Callie, Marie, any opinions?

    Callie: Carlo has always lost the semis, but this could be the year for him.

    Marie: Still, that would end the …

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  • Toadandysugar
    Read more >
  • Toadandysugar
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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: N/A

    Next: Chapter 1 - Gravity, and Luau (Daily Life)

    This is my fanmade Danganronpa series. If you don't know what that is, Danganronpa is a visual-novel video game series where 16 students are trapped inside a school, and the only way to leave is to kill somebody and get away with it. So, yeah, I'll pick 16 characters to be contestants, but some of them will have to die. Others will get executed because they get found out as the killer. So, here we go! Btw, the protagonist is gonna be Cooper.

    Cooper: (italics are thoughts) So, here I am. Flip's Peak Academy. It's said to be the high school for the elite, and it really is. You need to be the best of the best to be accepted here. Well, unless you're me. I'm Cooper, the Ultimate Lucky…

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  • Leeroy723416


    TouhouandMarioFan (otherwise known as Luis) has been declared inactive.

    I actually knew this about a few days ago but I hesitated to type this in.

    TouhouandMarioFan joined Flipline Studios Wiki on February 11, 2012. He became an admin on February 22, 2013, around a year after joining.

    According to his contributions, his last edit (comment) was on April 24, 2017.

    He was a valuable member. and he will be missed.

    Lee Roy (talk) 05:32, June 3, 2017 (UTC)  

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