• Davidbw58

    Where I live.

    July 12, 2018 by Davidbw58

    Some people have asked where I live. Well, the truth is, I live in 's closet. Now maybe you wont ask me so much anymore.

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  • Tahmina180

    Well... let me confess this.

    Despite how much I love Flipline Studios and the games, I still want to share some of my interests. Like, Vocaloid for example. I have been into it for 4 years now. But I hesitate to share it since the admins don't want us to contribute to the wiki with anything that has nothing to do with Flipline. It's just like how I would watch YouTube videos about random anime stuff from cool people and in the description it says, "No roleplaying in the comments" and it makes me upset since I am a roleplayer. I feel so trapped. I have a best friend IRL that always talks my interests with me, and I have several internet friends that like the major things I like. I fear making people get annoyed by the things I talk about, th…

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  • Tahmina180

    1 year anniversary

    July 12, 2018 by Tahmina180

    Hey guys, it's your girl Tahmina, and guess what????

    Today is my 1 year anniversary of being on Flipline Studios Wiki!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    And it's also the day I get to go to Miku Expo. I will make videos about it and post them on my YouTube channel!

    You can find my YouTube channel on the bio section of my profile.


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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Previous: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Class Trial)

    Next: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 3 - In The Name Of Their Inner Self (Daily Life)

    Last time, the 13 participants of this killing game are solving the case of Wendy. During the trial, there are many surprises. First, Julep discovered the second motive and plan on murdering Wendy but failed afterward, next Duke Gotcha disguised as the mysterious 3rd party accidentally hurt Wendy and thinking he killed her, then Wendy met with her killer and asked them to killed her after watching the motive video, and last the culprit of that case was none other than Hank. After…

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  • UnisooYamaguchiii

    You know that now irrelevant person Koilee Romano? Yeah, that was me. I was actually twelve at that time, lying about my age. But now, I am now 13, old enough to uhm, actually post. I am very sorry for lies or drama I have stirred up, and I will try to clean up my actions on this website.

    Koilee Romano overall has been a little too helpish. Spending the whole day talking and editing this community, and it kinda left me out from the real world. I forgot the password to Koilee Romano, so I created a new account. Anyways, I won't really stay on this wiki for too long now, I have lost interest into Flipline games sadly. First I will (try to) complete Town of Flipline, as it was positively acclaimed by several people. Next I will plan out my fut…

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  • Tahmina180

    Excited for....

    July 4, 2018 by Tahmina180

    In 9 days, it's gonna be my 1 year anniversary of joining the wiki! I didn't even think I would make it this far! I had so much fun on this wiki!

    Oh, and on that day, I'm gonna be going to Miku Expo. It's basically a Vocaloid concert that tours in a few places in some locations in the world. This year they're coming to the USA and one of them is Washington DC! I will make videos about it and take so many pictures! I'M HYPED!!!!

    Other than that, I can't wait for my 1 year anniversary being on the wiki!


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  • Plaxton

    Out of all the soft drinks in the Hot Doggeria games, which ones are your favorites? Mine would be Dr. Cherry, Tangerine Pop, Lemon Mist, Starlight Sparkler, Sakura Spritz, Poppin' Coolada, Dr. Dasher and Dream Cream Soda.

    And if you don’t like soda, then that's no problem at all. I just thought I’d make a blog post asking you.

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  • Speedo3539

    More coming soon!

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  • Bryan500000

    In honor of my FANDOM birthday, I'd like to revisit my behavior as MinecraftMonster and how it all changed from 2014 to 2018:

    • I used to have bad punctuation and spelling mistakes.
    • I didn't know alot about this wiki as much as i do today.
    • I had a lot of interest in Flipline back then.
      • I still like flipline but less playing their games than i used to.
    • I used to have admin rights from September to November 2014.
    • I used to brag to get them back, but....... now i know what it takes to become one again.
    • I also noticed that alot of users came and left, I still have a couple from 2014.
      • Which is why i deleted the friends list on my userpage.
    • I was jealous about other users having 1,000 or more edits. 
    • Can't  believe i'm saying this but..... I was kind of stu…
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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 6 - Braving the Waters (Deadly Life)

    Next: Epilogue - The First Ray of Freedom

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, the five surviving students explored the sixth floor of the academy, and using the Neo World Program, investigated The Lost Case of Flip's Peak Academy. Everyone involved in the case is anonymous, although sixteen out of eighteen of them are Cooper and his classmates. In this final class trial, they must find out who Mystery is, who The Killer is, and find out the truth about the killing game. Cooper also found out his true talent before the trial began, but we'll find out what it is in this trial. The final class trial. Let's end this! Click here for the list of Tr…

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI


    June 24, 2018 by EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    I might start to get less active here. Why? Because I’m starting to lose interest in Flipline, and I’m starting to get REALLY obessed with Danganronpa.

    RIP my hopes for the 30 day badge

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  • Perri182


    June 23, 2018 by Perri182

    i like the friendship games movie

    the next game after pancakeria to go should be pl4: when shadowbolts attack


    sunny flare

    sour sweet

    lemon zest


    indigo zap

    jet set

    upper crust

    royal pin

    neon lights

    suri polomare

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  • ThatTenmikoShipper

    So, I haven't been active on this wiki recently, since I lost interest in Flipline, but I was looking at my "Following" page, and someone must have hacked into my account, cause I was following a ton of spam pages that don't exist...

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  • AdrienTheFliplineGamer

    Hi guys, after 6 whole months of being off the Fandom, I have made a decision to come back once and for all!!! YAY!!! That's all I wanted to say, BTW, I still have my YouTube channel here, I deleted all my videos because I didn't think they were doing so good, but I will be uploading new ones over the summer. My YouTube channel link is right here:


    Love y'all,


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  • RussMorgan159


    June 19, 2018 by RussMorgan159

    Man, what a week.

    Just a couple of days ago, we noticed something weird on Velvet. She seems depressed and sad all the time, neither does she want to eat or play with Raven. Later, our dog began defecating twice as she does normally. Khia noticed that Velvet is defecating water feces, and alarmed me immediately. When I googled her symptoms, I thought that she may have colotis or irritable bowel syndrome. Thinking that she may be in severe pain, I took her to her vet a few hours later. 

    I told the vet everything that Velvet is showing. My mind is running, I'm sweating, and my heart is beating fast, to the fear that our little coton might have a serious disease. The vet told me to calm myself down and get some fresh air outside while Khia and …

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  • Parindra Kingsbury The Blossom Fan

    I’m VERY sorry I swore in my profile page. I will it again. And I will NOT create ANY MORE socks. Because of my second account, Bdj610 blocked me for a month. I couldn’t contribute for a WHOLE month.

    Well, trying to close my account didn’t work after all. Guess this one has to stay here. And all my socks.

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  • Tubbybloxian

    I like DDLC and I want someone to make a picture called "Just Tohru" because you know why. It's Just Tohru. This is not a harmful blog post. I just like DDLC so don't count this as harmful.

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  • Tahmina180

    Good news!

    June 15, 2018 by Tahmina180

    I'm finally on summer vacation, and this means I'm graduating middle school! I can't wait to start my freshman year in high school soon! :D

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  • RussMorgan159


    June 13, 2018 by RussMorgan159

    What a regular day. Yeah, it's just a regular day.

    Nothing exciting happens. No fun, just a normal boring day. My irritating alarm clock alarmed. And since I'm the one fixing the breakfast, I did a simple one consisting of bacons and fried eggs. I made Raven a plate of three pancakes. After finishing the food, I woke up both of them but I was surprised when our beautiful dog suddenly charges at me. Nothing happens. He just licks my pajamas which know...awkward. 

    After finishing breakfast, I went to the bathroom. I decided to use the shower instead of the bathtub to avoid being late. While I'm showering, my beautiful wife Khia yells and demanded me to get out of the shower. Yet, I just replied with "Later honey". After shower, I …

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  • Speedo3539

    I was recently looking through some Phineas and Ferb songs, but when I was watching the Mix and Mingle Machine song, I was reminded of a bunch of Flipline characters. So yeah, here's what it would be like if Flipline characters sung the song. Marty is Phineas and Clover is Candace.

    Link to song. Read while you listen!

    Marty: Fasten your seatbelts!

    Clover: I can't believe I'm doing THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!

    Matt: Glad to meet ya.

    Tony: Nice to see ya.

    Roy: My uncle owns a pizzeria.

    Clover: Hey, I smell muffins!

    James & Willow: We love to bake 'em!

    Sienna: Got any leaves, I'd love to rake 'em.

    Maggie: Here's a maraca, we can shake 'em.

    Clover: I like your pants.

    Xolo: Here, you can take 'em.

    Chorus: Meet and greet folks off the streets so make sure tha…

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing


    WIKIA HERO, my wikia dream is complete; thank you everyone for helping contribute a whole year on this wikia. I’m sooooo proud to be the 3rd person to obtain this badge besides KittyGirl and retired admin SpringVanillaRose.

    Thank you all for everything and I’ll be continuing my job in helping and protecting this wikia as an admin and beyond. And I’ll still game on for Flipline as well as Pokémon and Splatoon while doing all such, including joining the Squid Sisters and more splatfests!!!!

    Stay fresh, Daniel Delta out!

    Stay fresh, Daniel Delta out.

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  • Fliplinefan78

    Rocky Road: Chocolate Cookie With Chocolate Chips Chocolate Ice Cream Whipped Cream Chocolate Drizzle Peanuts Chocolate Cookie With Nuts Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate Whipped Cream Mini Mallows Chocolate Cookie With White Chocolate Chips Chocolate Ice Cream Whipped Cream Peanuts Shaved Chocolate

    Cherry Cordial: Red Velvet Cookie With Chocolate Chips: Chocolate Ice Cream Whipped Cream Chocolate Drizzle Cherry Chocolate Cookie With Dried Cherries: Red Velvet Ice Cream Chocolate Whipped Cream Shaved Chocolate Cherry Red Velvet Cookie With Dried Cherries: Chocolate Ice Cream Whipped Cream Chocolate Drizzle Cherry

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  • Bdj610

    To the Esteemed Members of the Wikia:

    It seems to me that I need to discuss this clearly so everyone understands my stance when it comes to dealing with the trolls and vandals that like to disrupt this site. 

    Quick summary: trolls crave attention. That's what they feed off. They do something like vandalize articles or say something (like asking for passwords, for example) just to get a response. And when anyone (including myself) responds to them, they get exactly what they want. Sure, we can continue to block them, but they come back, like the cockroaches and scum that they are. It is the job of the admins to make sure to keep their damage to a minimum by blocking them from continuing and reporting them to the staff at Fandom. In many cases…

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  • Perri182


    June 3, 2018 by Perri182

    who is your favorite flipline character? mine’s perri!

    Mr Morshu: xandra

    McSeanald’s: prudence

    LazyLilac: sarge fan

    EverythingIsPossibleXVI: roy

    Speedo3539: utah and sarge fan

    Fliplinefan78: trishna

    Not-So-Anonymous: Koilee, Rico, Jojo, Papa Louie, Foodini, and Quinn

    FANDOM user 1: Top 10: (Male) 1. Rudy 2. Timm 3. Steven 4. Brody 5. Wally 6. Marty 7. Cooper 8. Roy 9. Taylor 10. Johnny (Female) 1. Elle 2. Utah 3. Koilee 4. Lisa 5. Quinn 6. Yippy 7. Peggy 8. Scooter 9. Willow 10. Prudence

    Austin4ever: austin

    DeboraTheCherissaFan8000: cherissa


    10. Nick 9. Taylor 8. Xandra 7. Willow 6. Koilee 5. Cooper 4. Prudence 3. Scooter 2. Sarge Fan 1. Radlynn

    I Am MonkeyBoy: iggy, perri, austin, roy

    Daniel The DeltaKing: austin, sienna, cooper, olivia, to…

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  • NotTheBunny

    I feel like the trolling may Be getting worse. If you check my blogs And posts in following on my profile, There is a bunch of random pages I did NOT make/go on.

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  • McSeanald's

    Papa's Scooperia will take place in the last town with a known baseball team, Oniontown. So where could future gamerias take place? Discuss your ideas here.

    So far, we have: A generic big city

    the suburbs of that big city

    A town on the border of the desert

    A tropical island

    A mountain resort

    A bustling city based off Las Vegas

    A baseball stadium

    A hill-based village

    A canal town like Venice

    An amusement park of a town

    A desert town

    A shopping mall

    A peaceful Japanese-themed village

    And most recently, a Brooklyn-inspired city

    Somer of my ideas are: An airport

    An Arabian-style town

    A more rural area

    And a water park.

    What do you think?

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    This title explains all, with 3 weeks til I get Wikia Hero; MelissaCom is causing havoc here. I want all mods, admins, b-carts, and current users to block MelissaCom sock puppets and try to whatever you do find an internet hotline and make sure you contact Wikia’s current b-carts and do whatever you can to get rid of this Cyber-Criminal and let this wikia be better!!!

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  • Fliplinefan78
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  • Perri182

    1. perri: i just love her style and her glasses and her bird tart i hope she wins next year

    2. wylan b: i ship wylan b with perri because i like his style except for the lip piercing and i like that derpy outfit

    3. austin: his awesome sauce outfit reminds me of both wylan b and perri

    4. clover: i ship clover with austin because they have the same hair color which is gamboge (a color that is orange mixed with yellow)

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    Hi since I saw an idea to Pancakeria To Go. I had a thought for Papa's Wingeria To Go!

    • Strawberry BBQ Sauce (Unlocked with Scarlett at Rank 6)
    • Beetbread Sticks (Unlocked Day 2 of Valentine's Day)
    • Cherry Chipotle Sauce (Unlocked with Cherissa at Rank 7)
    • Heartbeat Arribata Dip (Unlocked with Kayla at Rank 8)

    • General Tso Sauce (Unlocked with Crystal at Rank 11)
    • Kuri Kinton (Unlocked Day 2 of Lucky Lucky Matsuri)
    • Thai Chili Sauce (Unlocked with Peggy at Rank 12)
    • Kung Pao Dip (Unlocked with Kenji at Rank 13)

    • Blackberry Remoulade(Unlocked with Cletus at Rank 16)
    • Pickled Eggs (Unlocked Day 2 of Easter)
    • Wildflower Chipotle Sauce (unlocked with Wylan B at Rank 17)
    • Egg Yolk Aioli (Unlocked with Penny at Rank 18)

    • Salted Caramel BBQ (Unlocked with Foodini at Rank …

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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    Previous Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 4: Missing Taylor

    Unknown villain: Do you remember me?

    Taylor: I'm sick and tried of you kidnapped them, just let them go!

    Unknown villain: Hmm... how about no.

    • Unknown villain disappear with his cape*

    Taylor: Where did he go?

    • Unknown villain appears behind him*

    Unknown villain: Hah!

    Taylor: Wah! *being thrown to cage*

    • cage closed and locked*

    Unknown villain: Hahahahaha! Your unable to escape! Better luck next time-

    Peggy: *appears* YAH! *lands*

    Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 5: Villain Chaos

    Unknown villain: WHAT THE?! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!

    Peggy: I'm here to save them!

    Unknown villain: Oh no, you don't *kicks Peggy*

    Peggy: OW! I'm sure you h…

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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    Next Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 5: Villain Chaos Previous Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 3: Temple Monster?!?!

    • At Papa's Hot Doggeria*

    Peggy: Welcome to Papa's Hot Doggeria, what would you like to take your order?

    Sasha: Peggy, Taylor is missing at museum, maybe he must be in The Forest Temple.

    Peggy: What?! Taylor is missing at museum?! Thanks for telling me that.

    Peggy: Everybody, Taylor's missing at museum! We must find him.

    Duke Gotcha: Well any proof? Peggy?

    Peggy: Not yet, Duke. but still... LET'S GO!

    Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 4: Missing Taylor

    • Cuts to Sakura Bay*

    Peggy: Have you seen Taylor?

    Yui: No.

    • Cuts to Tastyvil…
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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    Next Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 4: Missing Taylor Previous Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 2: The Resuce of Fireboy & Watergirl

    • At Portallini*

    Deano: Well, it's been long one since I swing my paddle to let my boat go.

    Nick: Yea...

    • Temple Monster is being created*

    Deano: What the?!

    • Temple Monster has been created*


    Deano: ARGHHHHHHH!!! *keeps swing my paddle to make his boat faster*

    Temple Monster: *chases Nick and Deano*

    Deano: *looks at him* WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!?!?!

    Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 3: Temple Monster?!?!

    • back to Taylor, Fireboy and Watergirl where goes to The Ice Te…
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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    Next Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 3: Temple Monster?!?! Previous Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 1: The Mysterious Diamond

    Taylor: I'm here to resuce two of you!

    Big Bully: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Do you think you can defeat me?

    Taylor: Yea, I have earbuds.

    Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 2: The Resuce of Fireboy & Watergirl

    Big Bully: Earbuds? That's lame weapon. Prepare to die!

    Taylor: Bring it.

    • Taylor fighting Big Bully*
    • Big Bully dodges*

    Big Bully: HA! You can't win, Taylor! I'm so stronger than you.

    Taylor: Well... *pulls rope*

    Big Bully: What the?! *rock falls and hits on the platform, then platform broke* *falls* AAAARGHHHHHHHHHH…

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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    Next Part: User blog:MaxCrumblyRocks/Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 2: The Resuce of Fireboy & Watergirl

    • Taylor sleeps*
    • Alarm clock beeps*
    • Taylor press snooze button*
    • Taylor woke up*

    Taylor: Good morning. *gets out from his bed*

    • cuts to bathroom where Taylor brushed his teeth with his toothbrush*
    • cuts to Taylor's house*

    Taylor: *leaves his house and enters school bus*

    Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl Part 1: The Mysterious Diamond

    When they are going to school...

    Quinn: Okay students, today we're going to museum. Come let's go now.

    • cuts to museum*

    Quinn: This is papa louie: when pizzas attack, it's the first papa louie game.

    • Quinn and 10 students walks*

    Quinn: This is green diamond, where they found it at The Forest Temple.…

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  • Tahmina180

    Less activity

    May 22, 2018 by Tahmina180

    I've been being inactive here because I have other things to do and stuff, and I also have been trying to get things done. Therefore, I don't come here much anymore. I have to go see the updates on the main Flipline page to see what's going on. So yeah. I might be more active in the summer though.

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  • Abbykat1286

    A question

    May 21, 2018 by Abbykat1286

    What's your favorite Papa Louie game?

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  • Electos

    13 today.

    May 19, 2018 by Electos

    Today's my thirteenth birthday. I got a Nintendo Switch with Rocket League as a present. When my dad's back from his work flight, I'm also getting Civilization VI with all DLC for the new family's desktop we drove over an hour of traffic to buy 6 days ago.

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 5 - Crimson Resolve (Class Trial)

    Next: Chapter 6 - Braving the Waters (Class Trial)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, the six remaining students participated in the fifth class trial, discussing the murder of Cooper's good friend, Akari. After solving many tricks and mysteries, Gremmie was exposed as Akari's killer, only for him to reveal that he was trying to commit suicide, and that Akari's death was accidental. He also revealed that Monokuma forced him to pretend to be the mastermind. But in Flip's Peak, even the innocent rulebreakers must pay the price, and Gremmie was cruelly executed. Monokuma promised the five surviving students one final class trial that doesn't requi…

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    Who’s ready for the summer? I’ve got only 3 more school days left, and then my awesome summer vacation’s gonna start! :D

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  • Parindra Kingsbury The Blossom Fan

    Well I've noticed that Melody isn't on for a while! I looked in the contributions section of her profile, and she was inactive. WHAT HAPPENED??

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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Previous: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Deadly Life)

    Next: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 3 - In The Name Of Their Inner Self (Daily Life)

    Welcome back to a another Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of  Despair. Last time, the remaining survivors found the death body of Wendy and Duke Gotcha was gone missing till' the class trial came. Will this case give them hope or despair? Find out in this class trial...Click here for Truth Bullets

    Monokuma: Now, let's begin with a simple explanation of the class trial! During the class trial, you will present your evidence to find the killer, and vote for whodunnit! The outcome will b…

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  • Imagoat

    Flipline Meme Gallery

    May 13, 2018 by Imagoat

    This is going to have modern memes. You can Submit your own, But they have to be Flipline Related and No Rage Comic memes!

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  • Coolachef

    Welcome to my series... I drew inspiration from Speedo to do this thing. Note: I have absolutely NO detective-story writing experience, so sit down and watch my reputation fall like Kirumi when the vine snapped. Also, I'm lazy.

    Credit to RoseCupid for making the best protagonist.

    I took a glance at my GPS. Flip's Peak... That's where I'm going. I'm prepared to use my talent to make the best of this year. After all, this IS one of the best high schools for the gifted & talented.

    Some time later...

    Amy: Here we are! Flip's Peak Academy. I opened the door to get in... but then I somehow blacked out.

    ???: Wake up! Wherever we are, whoever these people are, WHY we are, YOU NEED TO GET UP RIGHT NOW!

    Amy: (yawn) Who are you? Where are we?

    ???: My point e…

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  • JK55556

    UPDATED 5/29/18

    Hi everyone!

    Currently, the Fandom Customers Tournament 2018 is in the Purple Burple Division Round 2. Please vote in the tournament at this link.

    Rounds change every three days. I will update this blog every time a round changes.


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  • Imagoat

    I seemed to be the only one to notice that Professor Fitz's mouth was closed after his cleanup. I felt like the other customers should get the same treatment

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  • Davidbw58

    My newest

    May 11, 2018 by Davidbw58

    Hi, !

    So, My Summer school break is soon to begin, but my part-time job will keep me away from here some. I'll not be quite as active here. But oh well. More important things in life.

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  • Imagoat

    IDK, I was oddly fascinated with who is unlocked the second to last rank

    Pizzeria: Sarge Fan

    Burgeria: Roy

    TacoMia: James

    Freezeria: Ninjoy

    Pancakeria, Wingeria, Burgeria HD, Hotdoggeria, Burgeria To go and Wingeria HD:Foodini


    Freezeria HD:Mary

    Freezeria To go:Cecilia



    Pizzeria To Go:Joy/Roy

    Cheeseria: Cletus

    Cupcakeria HD:Franco

    Cupcakeria To Go:Rico


    TacoMia HD/To Go/Pizzeria HD: Alberto

    Sushiria: Captain Cori

    Pancakeria HD:Rhonda

    Hotdoggeria HD/To Go:Mindy

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  • Matty0502

    Hi everybody!!

    So for those who do not know, I'm Matty0502 and I'm starting a mini-game in my user page, called "The Weekly Customer".

    The rules are really simple! I'm going to post a customer I'm thinking about in 6 questions - 3 answers are yes, 3 answers are no. Try to crack the customer in any way which is possible!

    You have a full week to find the customer I'm thinking of. On Wednesday, I will post the first three users that answered correctly on my user page, along with another customer!

    So start playing!

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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Previous: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Daily Life)

    Next: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Class Trial)

    Once again, welcome back to Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair. Another murder happened in Maple town, and the victim of this case was none other than Wendy, the Ultimate Mechanic...who was found in the boat at the lake. It is either that the culprit found the second motive video or was accident or maybe it is different. The survivors have no choice but to investigate or they will be next.

    Joy: Our dearest friend, Wendy. She's been so helpful for so long but now...…

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