• Bestfriendswheneverfan20067

    Welcome to Papa Louie Pals Gallary, a place to view lors of cool creations from talanted people. If you have a creation you want to add to the page, I will add it as long as it follows wikia rules, comment your creation below!

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  • Tahmina180

    That was awesome!

    March 21, 2018 by Tahmina180

    Yesterday was my birthday. That was the day when I turned 14 years old! My family and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate. I had a great time there.

    I really appreciate your birthday wishes and for how long I've been here! :D

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  • Davidbw58

    Here is a countdown to the Release date of Papa Louie Pals! If you want to get this timer on your page, feel free to contact me.

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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    A game based on platformer game series, Papa Louie. 

    Cooltastic featuring Papa Louie: Food Must Die is a game platform that it is based on Papa Louie.

    In game, all you do is to kill all the baddies to next area. once you completed a level, you'll enter the boss, which means you need to fight the boss. after you defeated the boss, the cutscene will play and heroes rescued customers.

    You'll need to complete all levels to enter bonus boss.

    • 7 levels
    • 8 bosses
    • 4 heroes
    • Papa Louie Mode
    • Story Mode
    • BONUS BOSS?!?!?!?!?!

    • Jake John
    • Papa Louie
    • Cathy Madison
    • Captain Cori

    • Taylor
    • Roy
    • Julep
    • Willow
    • James
    • Kingsley
    • Ivy
    • Timm
    • Trishna
    • Akari
    • Aquana (no longer mixel anymore, she's now human)
    • Penny
    • Alberto

    • Mecha-Luau LePunch/Luau LePunch
    • Sarge
    • Brainwashed Cactus McCoy
    • Willow & James
    • Ekecageby
    • Foo…

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  • Tahmina180

    Two days left!

    March 19, 2018 by Tahmina180

    Two days until my 14th birthday! :D

    On the 24th, we are gonna do my party. We'll be going to a bowling place where I will be able to invite my family and friends! It's gonna be AWESOME!! Oh, and you may be asking, "But why on the 24th?" Well, it's because all my friends, including me, have school on the day of my birthday so nobody would be able to come anyway since they'd be busy.

    But anyways, I am HYPED!!!

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  • Electos

    Although I'm personally nonreligious, my family grew up in Israel and celebrates Jewish holidays, including Passover (Mar 30 this year). To celebrate Passover, my family's going to meet my family in Israel and stay for about 2 weeks (FYI my extended family lives in Israel and I go twice a year). I'll still be able to contribute since I have my phone (a Redmi Note 4).

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    I'm excited for the following events:

    • Playing Papa Louie Pals
    • Playing Scooperia
    • Seeing Amy in Scooperia
    • Playing Just Dance Kids 2014 on my Wii (I love to dance)
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  • MaxCrumblyRocks
    • inside the plane*

    Jack: Well, it looks like we are going to... *sees toxic barrel on cloud* HOLY DUDEY! *jumps out from plane and uses parachute*

    • Plane crashed by toxic on cloud*
    • bunch of toxic barrels falls down*
    • at Calypso Island, Papa's Freezeria*
    • cuts to inside of Papa's Freezeria*

    Taylor: Hello, I would like to small cup sunade with cookie dough, chocolate syrup, chunky blend, whipped cream, butterscotch topping, chocolate chips, cookie and cherry please.

    Penny: Sure, that will be 25 dollars.

    Taylor: Here you go. *gives her 25 dollars*

    Penny: *gives sunade for him* Here you go, Enjoy!

    Taylor: Thank you. *gives her tip and leaves Papa's Freezeria*

    Penny: Thank you come again soon!

    • cuts to outside of Papa's Freezeria*

    Taylor: Wow, that's very good s…

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  • Electos

    My Other Social Media

    March 14, 2018 by Electos

    I have accounts for not just FANDOM. Here are some other social media I have accounts for.

    • The Flipline Forum, I just registered and haven't posted anything. My username is Electos.
    • AminoApps, I posted only on the Pokémon Amino. Not active now. My name is Electos
    • Twitch, all I do is watch streams. My name is Electos95.
    • Google, I just watch YouTube. I use my real name there, Tom Peled.
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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    Papa's Raceria

    March 14, 2018 by MaxCrumblyRocks

    16 cars, 17 stages. 3 NFMM track pieces and Java Hax. That's what I created second Flipline fangame.

    Papa's Raceria is second Flipline fangame, based on Need for Madness 2 and Skyline Racing Concept/Need for Madness: Skyline R.

    • 16 cars!
    • 17 tracks!
    • Custom images.
    • 3 NFMM track pieces!
    • Animated car select background, locked gate and loading music image.
    • Animated statbars.
    • 3 instructions pages in this game like in NFM1.
    • Taking NFM2 to desktop? Why not...

    MaxCrumblyRocks: Making this version and stage maker.

    Chaotic (Inactive on AIM): Car Maker.

    Metallicafan01 (Retired from NFM): Car Maker.

    ProjectDUB (Inactive on AIM): Car Maker.

    Alex Kirchu (Inactive on AIM): Car Maker.


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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    I'm just here to show you guys that today, I just registered for the Flipline Forum.


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  • Daniel the DeltaKing
    • static feedback*

    Daniel: Can you hear me? This is Daniel Delta, Callie, Marie, and I are looking forward to a great 100 day run on this wikia, this final countdown to Wikia Hero is about to start; For those of you who are looking forward to this I am ready....

    Let's get it on!!!!

    Wikia Hero Countdown: 90 Days

    Go To:

    Its an apology video to all with a song at the end; spread the word to everyone, and see how a dreamer could soon seek fame...

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  • BraceletyFan77
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  • PCF Steve4

    Fanart Challenge!

    March 10, 2018 by PCF Steve4

    Hello Everyone!, I am PCF Steve, and today I have a challenge for all of you!, in the wiki there are many users that like to do fanarts of the customers, So, every week I am going to give you a customer and you are going to send your fanarts. I and other 2 randomly chosen users (That change every week) will choose the winner, so don't forget to send you fanarts in the replys of this blog. But, there are some rules that you must comply

    1. You cannot make Fanarts that have naked customers or customers doing undue things, if you make that, those Fanarts will be disqualified.
    2. The users that I choose every week will not be able to send their Fanarts but if they aren't chosen as judges they will be able to send it.
    3. The users who are chosen as judges …

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  • Electos

    I'm expecting the best game Flipline can make before Flash is discontinued. Here is what I think the final product will be.

    Warning: This is pre-release speculation, not be what's actually going to be in the game. If what I speculated isn't in the game, don't be mad, especially if your reading this after the game was released.

    1. I expect some costumers, items, etc... to be exclusive to one version.

    2. I would like to see some angle turning on fashion items. You should be able to toggle the direction your hair faces.

    3. I expect the system that makes your customers order more the more metals you have to be exceptional. They thought of having Big Pauly order 4 cupcakes in Cupcakeria and 6 doughnuts in Donuteria, but cancelled it thinking tha…

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  • JK55556

    Even MORE Polls!

    March 9, 2018 by JK55556

    It's about time...There hasn't been one of these blogs since November 4!!

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    Hello, my name is EverythingIsPossibleXVI or PFB, and I will be asking you what you want me to draw!

    If you want me to draw any of the characters doing an action in the lobby or something else, I will do it!

    However, I draw more than 1 character, but it must be in only ONE comment. (For example: Debora: Can you draw Perri and Austin?)

    You CANNOT add your request in more than one comment. (For example:

    Jasmine: Can you draw Taylor?

    Jasmine: Can you draw Peggy?)

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  • Davidbw58

    Why is this?

    March 3, 2018 by Davidbw58

    Why does KCP keep me so interested? in fact, I mashed up things here: Anyway, Scooperia is getting boring to see things only once a week. I hope Pals will come out soon. I'm excited. I will be playing the regular game, and once in awhile possibly one of the mobile ones. I love using the coupons, but they are only in Sushiria, and that is a tough game. another reason why Scooperia is something to be waiting impatiently for. And, guys, just ignore Amelia411 when she gets rude. She just wants our attention, and if we ignore her, she'll likely stop. That's all I gotta say.


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  • Tahmina180

    I'm excited!

    March 2, 2018 by Tahmina180

    I'm excited for the following events:

    Papa Louie Pals to get released

    Papa's Scooperia and the apps to get released

    Seeing Amy in the new Gameria

    And my birthday on March 20th! 18 days!

    YIPPEE!!!!!! :D

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  • Electos

    When Papa's Scooperia was first announced, I was like "Flipline, Papa's Freezeria Again? You are running out of ideas!" They may be running out of ideas with food but not other things. They are having customers order more as they get better metals. Keeping the difficulty aligned with your experience. They're also introducing a new Holiday, Holi, that I never heard about until Flipline announced it. They want the best before flash goes out in 2020. Flash may be able to live longer with Papa's Scooperia. You can also play it on a phone or tablet.

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  • Daniel the DeltaKing

    I know Scooperia hasn't come out yet and though this is a March update... WHY AM I SOOO THRILLED???

    My birthday on the 25th, Goby Arena & Dark Tetra Dualies out now, and more!!!

    This will be a HUGE month for me!! So Stay Fresh!!!

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  • Electos

    I'm back

    February 27, 2018 by Electos

    Yes, I can access from my phone. Old friends welcome back. I'll be continuing Pok flip and my new series once Papa Louie Pals is out so I can use it as art. I can forget about the failed LazyLilac hire because I can do the art for my self. I may not be able to be a good editor do to using the phone but if I can use the home computer, I will. Why don't we have a party in the chat.

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  • RandomDvaBunny

    NOT AGAIN!!!

    February 23, 2018 by RandomDvaBunny

    Well, I've been impostered yet again. Here is proof!

    Why does everyone feel like they have the right to imposter me!? This is the 3rd time I've been impostered! (First time was on Youtube, the second time was on here.)

    If you still don't believe that I'm the real one, here's my Youtube channel as proof!

    That's all I have to say! See ya!


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  • MelissaTheEvil180's Mother

    I am the mother of MelissaCom. I just wanted to let you know that MelissaCom got grounded until March 6, 2018.

    Here are the reasons why he got grounded:

    • He lied about his gender.
    • He asked for people's passwords on the internet.
    • He lied about his age. He is 13 and was born on June 12.
    • He made threat messages on the internet.
    • He swore.
    • He vandalized pages.

    So, he got grounded until his grounding time is up.

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  • SaumLin7


    February 18, 2018 by SaumLin7

    I will create articles on this wiki.

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    OH NO! :(

    February 14, 2018 by EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    I am currently out of school today, but here's something I have to tell you!

    This could be bye forever to the Gamerias!

    Well, not a FULL goodbye.

    Coolmath Games is blocked!

    Well, not fully blocked.

    It's only blocked on the school Chromebooks.

    So I can't play gamerias anymore on our Chromebooks! This isn't fair!

    We'll never be able to play Scooperia!

    Or we can maybe play Scooperia on the desktop computers!

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  • Diastri

    Hello guys! welcome to the best CUSTOMER 2018 *low voice yay* here we have the round:


    Perri VS Julep Austin VS Wylan B, Perri and Austin are the winner

    Bruna Romano VS Shannon Hacky Zak VS Moe, Shannon and Hacky Zak are the winners




    Willow VS Koilee  Rudy VS Cooper


    Sienna VS Scarlett  James VS Greg


    VOTE HERE ;3:

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  • MaxCrumblyRocks

    Foodini and Papa Louie has invited Marty, James, Steven, Mindy, Amy and Willow for Foodria Race Challenge. They will start the race, Foodria Race Challenge has begin. The strategy lies in choosing right customer for the champion of Foodria Race Challenge. Do you want light and fast or heavy and lumbering but with the power to destroy in a single blow?

    Download the game:

    Note: This game requires Java 7 to play the game.

    I hope you enjoy.

    EDIT: Some users who can't play this game.

    You need to uninstall latest java and install java 7.

    Download JDK 7u21:

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 4 - Despair Foretold (Class Trial)

    Next: Chapter 5 - Crimson Resolve (Deadly Life)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, the surviving students participated in the fourth class trial and solved the murder of Chuck, the Ultimate Model. They came to a conclusion that Xandra, the Ultimate Guardian, was the killer because Chuck wanted her to escape the school to stop the Killing School Transfer from starting. Unfortunately, she was exposed and was executed. Akari became insecure, Gremmie threatened to kill, and Ninjoy promised to protect the students. What will happen, and will Ninjoy be able to keep her promise?

    Monokuma: Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is offic…

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  • WNH74

    Warning: This is outdated. In other words, this contains info about Amelia IIRC. This is also a work in progress. Man I'm lazy

    Please do not harass me for what I've said (it says so in the title) as it is against the rules.

    For your information, I found out a day ago that DeviantART user Amelia411 has a Wikia account. I'd like to give her kind speeches and a few theories anyway, so here goes nothing... even though I regret doing this anyway. Then again it is good to get a kind speech off my chest.

    1. You must comment on my featured Deviations page.

    I can understand if you're trying to avoid spam comments on your profile. But at least don't call out on people for doing it, accidentally, as a joke or not. We all make mistakes, you know that? And I kindly …

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  • Davidbw58


    February 9, 2018 by Davidbw58

    The first poll will be here until Scooperia is released, and then will be deleted. The winning choice will announced on another blog.

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  • Davidbw58

    Rudy and Trishna Poll

    February 8, 2018 by Davidbw58

    You clicked here, ? That means you wanna see what I was talking about (referencing what I wrote on Scooperia page. well, contribute to the poll below;

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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Previous: OF'S version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 1 - Frozen Fever (Class Trial)

    Next: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Deadly Life)

    Welcome back to Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair. Last time in the class trial, it turns out the culprit responsible for killing Allan, the Ultimate Hockey Player is none other than Mayor Puffleton Mallow, the Ultimate Mayor. His reason on killing him is to save the people outside from the tragedy that he believed it was true since he saw the motive video. Since he was exposed, he was now executed leaving the others survived from the class trial. So what's next fo…

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  • Tahmina180

    Thank goodness!

    February 5, 2018 by Tahmina180

    I thought I lost my edit streak for the 60 day badge. The time for this wiki is 5 hours ahead so I have to get at least 1 contribution by 7 PM in my area. Yesterday I thought I didn't contribute. My family and I went to my cousins' house before 7 PM and we came back at 10 PM. I was SO worried.

    And plus, I had to go to school today. At least I got home at 2:30 PM so that I had plenty of time to make a contribution. Thank GOODNESS I didn't lose my editing streak! Otherwise, goodbye hopes of getting the 60 day badge.

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  • Davidbw58

    A new customer

    February 5, 2018 by Davidbw58

    Dear fellow flipline fans, I am sure most of you like Amy and look forward to serving her in Papa's Scooperia. In KCP 2018, I am submitting a male version of Amy, (I have already made his appearance body, but I can't do all the clothes until KCP 2018 is released. here is a preview;

    I named him Andrew, and I hope u guys like him :)


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  • RandomDvaBunny


    February 3, 2018 by RandomDvaBunny

    So, apparently, I have an imposter. HERE IS PROOF! People are not believing me, but how you can tell: I joined last year, and this person joined 2 weeks ago.

    MORE PROOF: They just took my YouTube username, which is my actual name. Here's the proof!

    Lastly, I've been impostered on YouTube before. Just look at my videos about it.

    End of discussion. See ya! - Leeloo (The real one)

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI


    February 3, 2018 by EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    AdrienTheFliplineGamer left FANDOM because of school and YouTube.

    I just found his YouTube channel. Due to it not being commented for over 30 days, I decided to do this here.

    Here is the link to his YouTube channel:

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    Sorry, it's all gone.

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI

    On my school Chromebook, my school censored my profile, message wall, blog, etc! I have to take the phone to the charger when it has low battery! And I am only occasionally/rarely allowed to use the iPad! My computer could be the only device I will use here! If I'm on vacation, I will download the Puffin app and contribute!

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  • EverythingIsPossibleXVI



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  • MasterCheifKelly

    I love all my fans to tell me of all of it!

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  • Funkygirl123


    February 1, 2018 by Funkygirl123

    Hey, peeps! How you all doing?

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  • MelissaTheEvil180

    My Wiki

    January 31, 2018 by MelissaTheEvil180

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  • Tahmina180

    Username change

    January 29, 2018 by Tahmina180

    Alright! So, I decided to have my username changed to Tahmina180. The reason why I did that was because my TinaCom username was pretty much my online name, so I decided to use my actual first name so people will know exactly who I am. Plus, 180 is my lucky number.

    But don't worry! You may either call me Tahmina or Tina; I don't care!

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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Q&A: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair Q&A

    Previous: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 1 - Frozen Fever (Deadly Life)

    Next: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 2 - Morning Sickness (Daily Life)

    Welcome back to Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair. Last time, Joy and the rest of her fellow friends investigate on who murdered the Ultimate Hockey Player, Allan. Now Joy and her friends must survive the class trial or they'll be the next one died. Who's the culprit? Why did the culprit killed Allan? What is their reason? Find out... Truth Bullets

    Monokuma: Now, let's begin with a simple explanation of the…

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  • Davidbw58

    Hi to all my fellow Flipline fans!

    Now that we know the next gameria will be Papa's Scooperia, I want to get ideas from my fellow fans as to what specials would be nice to have in the game!

    Here are some of my ideas:

    Cookies n' cream

    Tango Mango

    Strawberry Serenity

    You guys just leave ideas!


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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 4 - Despair Foretold (Deadly Life)

    Next: Chapter 5 - Crimson Resolve (Daily Life)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, Cooper and the others investigated the surprise murder of Chuck, the Ultimate Model. Now half of the students are alive, which means less suspects, but it also means less help provided. What will happen in this class trial? Who is the blackened who killed Chuck? And why did they kill him if there was no clear motive provided? It's up to Cooper to solve this mystery. Click here for the list of Truth Bullets.

    Monokuma: Now, let's begin with a simple explanation of the class trial! During the class trial, you will present your evidence to find the killer, and vote fo…

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Today my cheif was writing a Valentines day letter to Jojo the food critic while Luna my server was sitting down next to Scarlett. i wrote; "Dear Jojo, you got all 3 stamps at our restraunt on valentines day and so i got a little something for you when you arrive. I hope i'll meet you on this day!" Love, Your secrect amire as i put a heart on it. my cheif whissles for luna as she stands up and gose to her Master cheif I gave her the special letter to luna "Give it to jojo." I wisspered to Luna's ear and she gose out the restaunt and into the mall to find him.

    As she was looking for him i sigh. Kenji and Penny was suprised how hearts floating above my head. "Whats going on with kelly?" Kenji points to me. "Kelly has a hudge crush on Jojo." P…

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  • OcFanatic

    Summary: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair - Summary

    Q&A: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair Q&A

    Previous: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 1 - Frozen Fever (Daily Life)

    Next: OF's version: Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair: Chapter 1 - Frozen Fever (Class Trial)

    Welcome back to Danganronpa: Flipping Tears of Despair. Last time, Joy and the others enjoyed the winter wonderland of Frosty Berg. But their enjoyment stop when Joy's closest friend Allan, the Ultimate Hockey Player was murdered by one of the prisoners. She has no choice but to investigate on who killed Allan, even if it means to sacrifice one of them or they all be executed.

    Joy: No no no no!! This can't be real!!…

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  • Speedo3539

    Previous: Chapter 4 - Despair Foretold (Daily Life)

    Next: Chapter 4 - Despair Foretold (Class Trial)

    Welcome back to Danganflipa, my fanmade Danganronpa/Papa Louie series! Last time, Cooper and the others were kidnapped by Monokuma and was brought up to the fourth floor of the school, where they were forced to participate in the Hunt, where they look for treasures and secrets. Monokuma wasn't clear on how this would lead to murder, but it did... During the Hunt, Chuck, the Ultimate Model, wanted to find the treasures for the wrong reason, and his greed may have led him to his death. Chuck was found dead in the nurse's office with an arrow shot in his chest. What's all this talk about the hidden fourth treasure? And what's up with Chuck and A…

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