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Papa's Pancakeria - Blender Ball Title Card
Blender Ball

Playing The Game.

Blendar Ball is a minigame in Papa's Pancakeria. The player must throw a cookie into the star hole for a Papa's Freezeria related prize. The other holes will give a small amount of tips. You don't want the power at the greatest for every time too for you can make it above the goal.

It was replaced with Freeze-Putt in Papa's Wingeria.

It also appears in Papa's Cupcakeria, Papa's Cheeseria and Papa's Taco Mia HD.

Papa's Pancakeria Prizes

  1. Calypso Poster Improves Waiting Score
  2. Freezeria Poster Improves Waiting Score
  3. S.S. Louie Poster Improves Waiting Score
  4. Shack Wall
  5. Small Freezeria Table Improves Waiting Score.
  6. Planter Box Improves Waiting Score
  7. Medium Freezeria Table Improves Waiting Score
  8. Freezeria Wall
  9. Palm Tree Improves Waiting Score
  10. Black Floor
  11. Large Freezeria Table Improves Waiting Score
  12. Sherbet Gum Improves Waiting Score
  13. Light Tile Floor
  14. Surfboard Improves Waiting Score

Papa's Pancakeria Prize Gallery

Papa's Cupcakeria Prizes

  1. Easter iconPink Frosting Poster Pink Frosting Bonus
  2. Teal Bag/Green Bowtie 
  3. Guppy Sweater
  4. Easter iconBlue Polka Dot Floor 
  5. Treats Cooler Waiting Bonus
  6. Captain Hat 
  7. Easter iconBlue Diamond Wall 
  8. Pirate bash iconCreameos Poster Creameo Bits Bonus
  9. Track Jacket 
  10. Khaki Skirt/Purple Pants 
  11. Christmas iconChristmas Wall 
  12. Anchor Belt 
  13. Coconuts Bottoms 
  14. Pirate Anchor Waiting Bonus

Papa's Cheeseria Prizes

  1. Sluau iconMustard Poster
  2. Rugby Polo (Brown-Light brown)
  3. CincodeMayo iconMd. Cinco Table
  4. Bandana
  5. Sluau iconTeal Stripe Wall
  6. Sluau iconSummer Luau Poster
  7. Checkered Belt (Red)
  8. Christmas iconRed Floor
  9. Color Raglan Shirt (Purple/Pink)
  10. Vday iconValentine Balloons
  11. Open Knit Gloves
  12. Gladiator Helmet
  13. Stylish Smartwatch

Rare Prizes

  • Bronze: The Great Onion
  • Silver: Pile of Tires
  • Gold: Palm Tree

Papa's Cheeseria Prize Gallery

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