Balloons are types of items in Papa Louie 2 and Papa Louie 3 that help you move through the air. They all come in different sizes and different functions. They make their first appearance in level 2 (PL2)/level 3 (PL3).


Fizzo Balloons

They have the Fizzo logo. They float still and do not move.

Tangerine Pop Balloons

They have the Tangerine Pop logo. They move back and forth.

Purple Burple Balloons

They have the Purple Burple logo. They move up and down.

Lemon Mist Balloons

They have the Lemon Mist logo. They move in a circle.

Diet Fizzo Balloons

They have the Diet Fizzo logo. They float still until the player lands onto it, then it will float down. 

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