Amber, a stone found in "Rock Garden Deluxe"

Amber is a stone which is first seen in the game Rock Garden Deluxe and is unlocked after beating the record on Level 17: 01:24.

Trivia and Information

From Rock Garden Deluxe

  • A fossilized tree resin of now-extinct pine trees, this material often contains ancient insects trapped inside.

Other information:

  • Yellow, orange and brown are the most common colors for amber, though rare blue amber is found in the Dominican Republic.
  • It is sensitive to acids, caustic solutions, gasoline, alcohol and perfume.
  • One of the most unique characteristics of amber is that it is exceptionally light.
  • The largest deposit in the world is west of Kalimingrad in Russia, in a layer of amber-containing clay about 30 meters below the surface.
  • It is made of a pine-tree resin which hardens and traps a few insects and organisms in the process.

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